Prenatal & Postpartum

pregnant* I offer a discount package for clients seeking prenatal and/or postpartum support. In the Appointments page, click on packages.

I am a mother of two children. My first child was born via caesarean section and my second was born vaginally (VBAC). I have personal experience in a hospital setting as well as with a home birth setting under the care of midwives. Through my own experiences of pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum recovery, and breastfeeding, I have naturally been drawn to working in the areas of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum support. This has been a natural progression from my emphasis in women’s health, supporting women in their reproductive years, and others through menopause.

In addition to treating women with babies in breech position, I have much experience with treating pregnant women for a wide variety of conditions, including constipation, pain, stress, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and spotting. I help prepare women for labor and delivery and have treated postpartum conditions such as depression, night sweats, rashes, low breastmilk production, mastitis, continued bleeding, exhaustion, and pain.



I recently found UCA through a google search for acupuncture assistance with breech-positioned babies in utero.   After meeting Ana, she immediately put me at ease with her depth and breadth of knowledge of chinese medicine, as well as relating this knowledge to western medicine and practice. Like others that are unsure as to the healing effects of acupuncture, I dont know how to explain it, but after 1 week of minimal treatment, my baby turned positions just in the nick of time. Ana was calm and comforting and was accommodating to the urgent timeline of treatment and I would go to her again, if needed.   Thanks so much, Ana! ~ Vanessa