What to expect

Preparing for your treatments

Please eat something within a couple of hours of your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing in which you can roll up your sleeves and pants, allowing me access to your elbow and knee areas. Patients usually keep most of their clothing on or are draped with a sheet or blanket.

Your first treatment

Before beginning treatment, I will conduct a thorough interview and evaluation to determine an appropriate strategy based on your symptoms and history. Before I insert any acupuncture needles, I will check with you to make sure you are comfortable and able to relax. The needles I use are hair- thin, sterile, for single-use, and disposable. Once the needles are inserted, it is normal, however, and even desirable, to experience a dull ache, tingling or warm sensation once the needles have been inserted. The needles are usually left in for about 30 minutes, and most people become very relaxed or even fall asleep during the treatment. Patients tend to feel refreshed, centered, and calm afterward. The effects of an acupuncture treatment may continue even after the needles have been removed. An initial treatment lasts 75 minutes, and follow-ups are about one hour.

How many treatments will I need?

Because each person’s body responds differently, your treatment plan is customized for your unique presentation and constitution. The frequency and duration of treatment mainly depend on the severity of your problem and how long you have had it. For acute pain-related problems, you may notice results on the first or second visit, and symptoms can resolve fairly quickly. Chronic conditions can require more visits.

Prevention is the best medicine

After initial ailments have improved, regular or periodic “tune-ups” can help you feel generally healthier, and more relaxed, and “balanced.” Chronic problems such as low energy, stress, tight muscles, frequent colds and the like can be greatly diminished with regular acupuncture visits.